Screenworm Watches!- Counting Cars "Size Matters" Review

ScreenWorm Watches!

Counting Cars Season 2, Episode 2

“Size Matters”


The Story: Danny's friend Brian has always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but has never been able due to his physical limitations. Will Danny and the guys be able to get Brian in the wind for the first time? 

The Review: 

Lyle and Beverly make their first appearance here and they appear in several more episodes. They are a good addition to the series. The best way to add drama to a show is to introduce characters that challenge the antagonists. Lyle and Beverly are just as crazy about cars as the guys at Count’s Customs. It is very interesting to see Danny react to someone playing his own game. 

Lyle and Beverly appear in several more episodes and every time Danny becomes flustered at someone being as good at this business as he is. 

Brian is a little person who has always wanted to ride a motorcycle but he couldn't because he is too small. Thankfully, the Can-Am Spyder may be his ticket toward his riding dreams.

Douglas is an off road enthusiast whose car got stolen by an unscrupulous mechanic and desperately wants his jeep back. Even though the budget may not be as high as other projects, Danny eagerly takes on the project because he was the victim of repair fraud and Danny does not like that. 

Once again we get to the heart of what makes this show so great. The sequence with the older couple is indicative of what Screenworm imagines makes up a great deal of the clientele at Count’s Kustoms: Rich people looking for a new toy to add to their collections. Nothing is wrong with that…custom, restored vehicles are very expensive, but Count’s Kustoms also likes to help out the smaller guys and even though to the employees may look big and tough, we all know they are big teddy bears. They make dreams come true. 

Both Brian and Doug nearly break into tears upon seeing their restored vehicles and it reaches the audience as well. They really do care about helping people achieve their dreams. Brian gets to finally ride and Doug can relieve memories and make new ones with his family. 

Once again, as with the pink car, it is good to see Count’s Kustoms break out of their comfort zone and work their magic elsewhere. Their love will always be classic cars, but they still take the job to work on a Can Am Spyder, an extremely modern vehicle. They typically don’t do modern stuff, but they still are able to work their magic on the Can-Am and its just as badass as all their other work. Although, it can be said it doesn’t quite have the same timeless appeal as classic cars do. 

Final Verdict: Size Matters is a great episode of Counting Cars. Introduces a few characters that return to make more trouble for the boys and shows us a whole lot heart. 

Four out of Five Stars


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