ScreenWorm Watches!- Counting Cars: “Not So Pretty in Pink”

ScreenWorm Watches!

Counting Cars

Season 2, Episode 12. 

“Not So Pretty in Pink” 

*Note: This is a review of the episode not the show as a whole. 

The Story: Featured vehicles include a 1956 Volkswagen Beetle with a roof rack and rollback top that features the classic Wolfsburg crest on its hood; a wheelchair customized for a man who lost all four of his limbs in a construction site accident, which the shop customizes with painted, horned fenders and an double-stitched seat; and the 1960 Chevy sedan delivery from the episode "To Die For", whose buyer wanted it painted pink for his girlfriend, but who now no longer wants the car after having broken up with his girlfriend.

The Good: The thing that makes this episode so great, is the story of Manuel. As stated in the above summary: Manuel does not have arms or legs and gets around in a special wheelchair. 

Most of Count’s Kustoms customers are no doubt very wealthy considering the prices that a thrown around. But you can tell that people like the Count genuinely cares about people. He gave a man a badass wheelchair that is sure to turn heads as they cruise down the strip.

That is what they do…they make dreams come true. 

Speaking of dreams come true: the saga of the 1960 Chevy Sedan Delivery really showcases the length and breadth of Danny’s and his crew’s talent. The original modified version seen in its original episode was quite cool with the black and red paint job. The mexican rug interior was extremely creative and gave the automobile a real street vibe. Nonetheless, it had to be redone for the needs of the customer. The next iteration of the vehicle was a candy pink definitely designed with the ladies in mind. They did it well though. Even if it is a very feminine car, it is a feminine car that was very well done, and while it may have been outside of their comfort zone, they acknowledge that it is a cool car and they kind of like it. This talent and maturity really showcases their talent. 

The Flaws: To be frank: Of all the cars to pull over, a VW Beetle seems a little tame. Perhaps it is just personal preference but those cars seem very dumpy to the Worm. 

The editing is a little off too. Perhaps this due to the iTunes format but it cuts off just as the last sentence is finished, and in the Worm’s opinion, the last sentence helps define the spirit of the show more than anything else. 

Final Verdict: Some parts of this episode don’t fit too well but the story Manuel really helps this episode stand out. Such a heartwarming tale. 

Some say that every ‘reality’ show is fake and all the scenes are scripted and stage. Well, guess what…all tv is like that. It does not matter either, its fun, entertaining and you may learn a couple of things in the process. 

Four out of Five Stars


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