The Tubeworm: Glove and Boots: A World Without Twinkies

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Glove and Boots: A World Without Twinkies. 

Warning! This review may contain spoilers! 

Glove and Boots is a puppet based web series created by Damien Eckhardt-Jacobi and Vincent Bova. It follows two puppet characters: Mario: a red-bearded humanoid and Fafa: an anthromorphic groundhog. After starting out on New York City Subways, the duo moved to the internet and there, they made videos mocking current events and pop-culture. 

One current event that they commented on was the demise of Hostess Bakery in late 2012 and how no more twinkles would be made. 

The video starts off funny right off the bat. The way that Mario screams is actually pretty funny and the worm can’t help but replay it. The video goes on to describe the various “stages of twinkie withdrawal” a lampooning of the five stages of grief. 

One particular segment that is quite entertaining is the part that describes people trying to remake twinkles in their kitchens. It reminds us just how unnatural a twinkie is and how many chemicals that are packed into the snack cake. 

Here are some examples:

Soy Protein Isolate

Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate

Polysorbate 60…

Hmm…It is doubtful such ingredients could be purchase at the grocery store. 

And the politicians say Weed is bad for you.

Although it would be interested to see “homemade Twinkies” recipes found here and there. Vanilla cake and marshmallow filling…that could actually be pretty tasty. 

The way the video ends, while almost certainly a parody of the Oscars, is actually kind of touching and you can tell that the creators put some thought into it. The classic commercials and movie clips involving twinkles and ho-ho’s were actually pretty neat and of course the applause modeled the Academy awards. While they certainly mock the outcry over the loss of the Twinkie, Mario and Fafa truly care about snack cakes and will miss them dearly…

At least until about six months later when they returned, after private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulous & Co, struck a deal with Hostess to bring back the delicious  chemically altered foam that is the Twinkie. 


Final Verdict: Glove and Boots is a very funny channel that deserves more views and subscribers.

Four out of Five Stars. 

BTW: The cream filled chocolate cupcakes are much better than Twinkies. 


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